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KEDA.Z FENG is the Founder and principle of KEDA.Z Photography Gallery. He is from Johor Bahru, Malaysia. A member of SGM (Soka Gakkai Malaysia) and am madly in love with art. From a young age in primary school, he has loved drawing and had frequently joined drawing competitions and wins awards. Keda.z fell in loved with music when he was 7 and was encouraged by elder sister to learn organ, and self-study guitar and music arrangement, which plays a big part in his life.

The journey of KEDA.Z

Keda.z only got to know about photography and digital SLR after he graduated when a friend suggested "drawing" a picture using the camera instead of using the conventional way.

Keda.z has received numerous awards from International and Asia for his photographic works since 2009. Only a short period of two years, he has become the most awarded wedding & portrait photographer in Malaysia. In 2010, Keda.z obtained Licentiate and Associate level of qualification from Master Photographers Association, United Kingdom. In the same year, he has won multiple master photography awards for his work, including overseas Fashion & Beauty of the Year, Classical Wedding of the Year & Classical Portrait of the Year award in United Kingdom. Apart from this, Keda.z was awarded Emerging Talent of the Year & Print of the Year award by the Wedding & Portrait Photographers Malaysia (WPPM). In 2011, once again and most recently has won Print of the Year and awarded The Best Male Photographer of the Year (WPPM). In 2011 March, he was the only Malaysian named as Malaysia's Top Award Winner by Master Photography magazine. In the same year of October, Keda.z was bestowed the tittle of Rest of The World Porfolio Photographer of the Year by the MPA in New Castle (Master Photographers Association,UK).

In 2011 November, Keda.z has achieved the Fellow level of Master Photographers Association, the highest qualification within the Association. The award is made for excellence in photographic technique and interpretation. The photographer having exhibited an individual, innovative, artistic and creative style in their submission demonstrating that they are at the leading edge in the art of photography. In the short period of 3 years, Keda.z has won over 101 photography awards from (WPPI, MPA UK, WPPM, Creative Asia) internationally and asia.

Keda.z is a rising star of photographer and speaker in Malaysia. He was invited to be overseas guest speaker and judger at Wedding & Portrait Photographers of Philippines (WPPP) convention and print competition. Keda.z offers a range of sold out seminars, master-class and workshops worldwide to an ever growing fan base eager to learn from him and be inspired by his success and attitude.

He was invited as a speaker/lecturer for international photography associations WPPM, WPPP, MPA-UK, WPS, ALLXIU, WPAS, and conducted many workshop in UK, China, Spain, Italy, Greece, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia and other countries for giving photography training courses and seminars.
KEDA.Z is also a examiner of (MASTER PHOTOGRAPHERS ASSOCIATION) and MPA China Ambassador, International Photography Competition judges.

Particularly popular are his image processing style and fine art Photoshop skill. he has always been demanding a high quality result from his photography, and continuously he has been explore different perceptive and style. A wedding is one of the most treasured moments of a person's life. Love, commitment, relationship, character, there are the things that inspire him. Moments, laughter, intimacy, joy, there are the things he like to capture. Just as he like writing and compose music and put the emotions and expression of a story in a song, he often try to convey the meaning of love, the story of a couple or any concept of art through photography. Keda.z believe that every couple is special, thus he would always say to his clients "Enjoy Your Life, Create Your Style" that belongs to him which represent Keda.z in unique way.
To make a meaningful and memorable picture, it’s important to be yourself, and not just pose for the camera.

- Qualified Master Photographers Association UK - Fellowship (FMPA).
- Malaysia's most awarded international photographer.
- Malaysia's top award winner featured on MPA-UK 2011.
- Rest of the World Portfolio Photographer of the Year (MPA,UK)
- Asia Top 30 photographers of Signature Weddings 2012.
- The only Asia photographer win the Top prize of the International Loupe Awards 2012, 1st place & Gold award.
- WPPI International Award Winning Photographer.
- WPPI Online competition 3rd place of Bride & Groom Alone category, 2012
- WPPI Online competition 1st place of Bride & Groom Together category, 2012
-2009-2013 WPPI Competition, over 60 awards.
-2013 WPPI 16x20 Print Competition,1st place of Bride & Groom Together category.
-2013 WPPI 16x20 Print Competition,2nd place of Bride & Groom Together category.
-2013 WPPI 16x20 Print Competition,3rd place of Wedding category.
-2013 WPPI 16x20 Print Competition,2nd place of Engagement category.
- Multiple Award-winning Overseas Category of the year 2010 - (Master Photography Awards UK)
- MPA awards 2010, Overseas Fashion & Beauty of the year award.
- MPA awards 2010, Overseas Classical Wedding of the year award.
- MPA awards 2010, Overseas Classical Portrait of the year award.
- WPPM Best Male Photographer of the year 2011
- WPPM Emerging Talent of the year 2010.
- WPPM Print of the year 2010 & 2011.
- WPPM 3 Professional Category Award winner in 2011 (Bride & Groom Together, Wedding Details, Individual).
- WPPM 3 Professional Category Award winner in 2010 (Bride & Groom Together, Bride & Groom Alone, Glamour/Fashion).
- Creative Asia 2011, 1st place in Bride & Groom Together.
- Creative Asia 2011, 2nd place in Glamour.
- Won over 180 photography awards from Asia & International.

-2011 获取英国摄影大师协会最高资格 Fellowship - FMPA,UK
-2011 首位受英国摄影大师协会杂志专访并誉为马来西亚最高荣誉得主
-2011 MPA,UK 年度世界最佳作品摄影师(全年摄影师大奖)
-2012 亚洲三十大婚礼摄影师之一 Signature Weddings Asia
-2012 首位华人摄影师获澳洲国际摄影比赛(婚纱摄影)International Loupe Award金奖及第一名
-2009-2013 WPPI 获超过60个优异奖,第一名,第二名与第三名
-2013 WPPI 16x20 Print Competition,婚纱摄影第一名
-2013 WPPI 16x20 Print Competition,婚纱摄影第二名
-2013 WPPI 16x20 Print Competition,婚礼摄影第三名
-2013 WPPI 16x20 Print Competition,新人摄影第二名
-2012 MPA,UK 英国摄影大师协会国际商业作品奖项(第一名)
-2012 MPA,UK 英国摄影大师协会国际婚纱摄影作品奖项(第一名)
-2012 MPA,UK 英国摄影大师协会国际人像摄影作品奖项(第一名)
-2012 MPA,UK 英国摄影大师协会国际婚纱艺术作品奖项(第一名)
-2011 MPA,UK 英国摄影大师协会国际时尚与人像作品奖项(全年冠军)
-2011 MPA,UK 英国摄影大师协会国际经典婚礼人像作品奖项(全年冠军)
-2011 MPA,UK 英国摄影大师协会国际经典人像作品奖项(全年冠军)
-2010-2011 MPA,UK 英国摄影大师协会国际摄影比赛(超过50个优异奖)
-2010 WPPM 年度最佳摄影人才奖(全年大奖)
-2010-2011 WPPM 马来西亚婚礼与人像年度摄影作品大奖
-2010 WPPM 马来西亚婚礼与人像3大专业摄影类别奖项
-2011 WPPM 马来西亚婚礼与人像年度最佳摄影家(全年摄影师大奖)
-2011 WPPM 马来西亚婚礼与人像3大专业摄影类别奖
-2011 Creative Asia 国际摄影比赛-新郎与新娘类别 (第一名)
-2011 Creative Asia 国际摄影比赛-人像魅力类别 (第二名)

王志峰(Keda.Z) – KEDA.Z Photography的创意总监及首席摄影师。拥有英国摄影大师学会的最高资格认证(FMPA)Fellowship of Master Photographers Association,接受摄影大师杂志采访并推介为马来西亚最高荣誉得主。从2009年开始,Keda.Z的多幅摄影作品于美国举办的WPPI (Wedding and Portrait International) 国际婚礼和人像摄影协会中夺得了优越奖。2010年,Keda.Z赴英国伦敦参加(MPA) Master Photographers Awards,横扫三大奖项,分别为国际时尚与人像作品冠军,经典婚礼人像作品冠军以及经典人像作品冠军之奖项。丛2009年至2011年连续夺得多个国际摄影大奖,令国际摄影团体和组织对Keda.Z的肯定,也成为了在全马夺得最多摄影奖项的摄影家。

丛2010年开始,KEDA.Z 已在世界不同的英国,中国,西班牙,意大利,希腊,新加坡,菲律宾,马来西亚等国家开办摄影培训课程与讲座,并受邀担任多个国际摄影协会WPPM,WPPP,MPA,WPS,ALLXIU,WPAS,宽中FYPS导师,评委及讲师。KEDA.Z,全球首位亚洲摄影师夺英国摄影大师协会(MPA,UK)年终大奖(Rest of the World Portfolio Photographer of the Year)。丛2009年至2011年,也是马来西亚荣获最多国际奖项的摄影家。KEDA.Z也是新加坡-新传媒艺人章增翔的婚纱摄影师,并担任佳能相机广告的指定摄影师,与香港影帝任达华和创作才女戴佩妮合作拍摄。

KEDA.Z 也是个创意灯光鬼才,他喜欢结合冷暖色调灯光,让拍出来的照片更加有不一样层次与效果。他也擅长利用现场光线配合引导人物进入拍摄感觉,捕捉最美的瞬间,而且如处在灯光不足的情况下,总是有创意的灯光打法,去营造出最佳的效果。他所拍摄的每一张照片,总是能呈现立体感和带有经典唯美的感觉。

担任英国摄影大师协会(MASTER PHOTOGRAPHERS ASSOCIATION)会员作品审核考官兼MPA中国大使,国际摄影比赛评委。